Privacy Policy

Fast Money Loans ensure that the private details of the applicants collected are stored securely with utmost responsibility. All your data will be treated with respect to Data Protection Act 1988. The service of the website is valid for Australian citizens only. We have taken all the necessary steps to save your information from all kind of threat and theft.

All personal details collected will be stored in a safe and secure web space. Any data collected will be technically and physically protected with us. No third party can access your data without our permission. We may use your data to introduce you to our latest services.

We will seek permission every time we need to share your information. We may use your personal details to process your request, get your credit reports, employment details and other basic information from the third party. Our main aim is to get you the best loan deal according to your financial profile. Some of the basic information that you will need to share with us include name, contact details, bank account details, employment details, Social Security Number, etc. The sole purpose behind collecting your personal details is to get you a deal that is feasible and can support you through financial crisis.

In this website we are associated with lenders who can provide you lucrative loan deals. The lenders in our network are professionals and maintain the privacy of your identity. When you submit your personal details to us, we assume it as your consent for the disclosure and sharing of your information with lenders.

As you browse through the website you can find various third party links. These links are provided for your reference purpose only. These links do not hold any relevance or connection to our website. You are free to access such links at your own risk. We neither affiliate nor promote any such links. You are advised to go through the privacy terms of the third party links ahead of providing us your personal details.

We may contact you to inform you about new policies and services through texts or emails. If you do not wish to receive such texts or mails you are free to unsubscribe such services. We advise you to contact us if any update in the personal data that you have submitted us is required.

There is no need to provide any personal data to simply browse through the website. You can visit us anonymously. We make use of latest encryption technology to safeguard your information from any kind of threat. We have taken all the necessary steps to provide you a safe environment. However, we cannot confirm 100% guarantee that your personal details will be safe with us. The company computers are prone to illegal unauthorized access that may lead to manhandling of your personal data. We shall not be liable for such occurrence.

At Fast Money Loans we may make changes in the privacy policy at any time. We have the authority to change our services or remove the complete website without any prior notification. If you have enquiries regarding our privacy practices then feel free to contact us.