Instant Cash Loans

Are you in need of quick monetary assistance? Instant cash loans are what you can opt for during such situation. Fixing unplanned emergencies and unexpected bills can be absolutely easy with the help of these loans. Here at Fast Money Loans we have a network of lenders who will offer you these loans with favourable terms and rates. Register with us today!

Small Persoanl Loans ($300-$2000) fall under unsecured category. Therefore, there is no need of pledging any collateral against the approved cash. This makes these loans ideal for tenants or anyone who is unable or unwilling to pledge any security. On the other hand, Medium Personal Loans ($2001-$4600) are secured loans and lending company may ask for security as well. Less time consuming formalities and fewer paperwork will make it absolutely easy to get the cash you need at the earliest.

Only if you can confirm about your Australian citizenship or Permanent Residency, earning monthly income and hold an active checking account you will be considered as eligible. Having bad credit status will not hold you from accessing our services. But lenders will run quick credit check and also verify the information provided in the application form.

Enough cash can be obtained upon approval against these loans. Generally, you can get the approved cash deposited in your account on the same day or within one business day. Repayment should be done as per schedule. Failure to pay back on time can get you into serious debts and cost you additional fee and interest. To avoid such situations apply for the least possible amount of cash and repay back on time.

With us at Fast Money Loans you can get started with registering for our services. We will forward your loan request immediately to the lenders in our network. Your request will be processed and you will be provided with a quick response in no time. You can easily get the best deal of instant cash loans by a trustworthy lender.

Rates & Costs

Small Personal Loans ($300-$2000)

An upfront 20% establishment fee of total loan amount + 4% Monthly Interest, No Annual Interest Rates.

For Example: You Borrow- $1300 for 5 Months, You Pay- $1872

$260 (20% Establishment Fee) + $312 (4% Monthly Interest rate)

Maximum Representative APR 199.9%

Loan Terms: Minimum 3 Months - Maximum 12 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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Medium Personal Loans ($2001 - $4600)

Security may be required for these secured loans.

An upfront $400 establishment fee + Maximum 48% Annual Rates

For Example: You Borrow- $3400 for 20 Months, You Pay- Approx $4134

$400 (Establishment Fee) + $51.67 (Weekly Repayments)

Loan Terms: Minimum 12 Months - Maximum 24 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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