What does Fast Money Loans specialise in?

At Fast Money Loans we aim at making it easy for you to find the right loan deal. We only offer you the necessary information and not involved in loan lending indirectly or directly.

What sort of loan deals can you help me borrow?

We can help you find loan Small Personal Loan ($300-$2000) deals that are offered for short tenure (3 Months to 12 Months) and can be obtained without pledging any collateral. Moreover, we can helo you to get Medium Personal Loans ($2001-$4600) for loan terms (12 Months - 24 Months). These are secured loans and lenders may ask for security as well. Such loans are ideal solution if you need cash to fix unplanned expenditures.

Who can apply?

Australian citizen who has attained 18 years, have an active checking account and earning fixed income every month can opt for our services without any hesitation.

How much cash can be obtained and for how long?

Upon approval you can borrow an amount from $300 - $2000 (Small Personal Loans) and $2001-$4600 (Medium Personal Loans). The amount of cash you received will be decided by the lender and will depend on your requirement and repayment ability. You will be offered 3 Months to 12 Months (Small Personal Loans) and 12 Months to 24 Months (Medium Personal Loans) to repay back the borrowed money.

What if I fail to pay back on time?

If for any reason you miss the repayment date you will be charged with extra fee and interest payment. This can further affect your current credit status and get you into serious financial debts.

How long will it take to get the approved cash?

Generally, once your application has been approved, you can get the cash deposited directly into your account on the same day or within one business day.

Can I qualify despite bad credit status?

Lenders are going to run credit checks ahead of approval. So, depending on your credit status lender may accept or reject your loan application.

What if I need additional information?

For additional information or queries, feel free to contact us at any time.

Rates & Costs

Small Personal Loans ($300-$2000)

An upfront 20% establishment fee of total loan amount + 4% Monthly Interest, No Annual Interest Rates.

For Example: You Borrow- $1300 for 5 Months, You Pay- $1872

$260 (20% Establishment Fee) + $312 (4% Monthly Interest rate)

Maximum Representative APR 199.9%

Loan Terms: Minimum 3 Months - Maximum 12 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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Medium Personal Loans ($2001 - $4600)

Security may be required for these secured loans.

An upfront $400 establishment fee + Maximum 48% Annual Rates

For Example: You Borrow- $3400 for 20 Months, You Pay- Approx $4134

$400 (Establishment Fee) + $51.67 (Weekly Repayments)

Loan Terms: Minimum 12 Months - Maximum 24 Months

(All the prices are in Australian Dollar. These rates are just an example to make you sure about rates and costs)

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